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Here are guidelines to help one become a virtuous woman;

  1. LOVE AND RESPECT; Love is the greatest key to a happy marriage, a woman must love and respect her husband unconditionally, despite his flaws and imperfections, love him, with love you can overcome challenges that comes with marriage
  2. TOLERANCE; As a woman you must tolerate your husband’s weakness and habits, avoid too many complain and speak to his conscience. correct him with a sweet tune in a good mood
  3. APPRECIATION;Appreciate all he those for the family no matter how small before telling him the areas he needs improvement. do not compare him to other men
  4. SUPPORT; Be a supportive wife to your husband, financially and morally,  when he is going through rough times encourage him with your words and provide for the family no matter how little
  5. SAVINGS; Cultivate the habit of saving, avoid unnecessary spending, have a spare cash to sustain you in rainy days, save no matter how small it will someday help a situation
  6. TRUST; Believe what your husband say even when you know his lying. do not go through his phone is a sign of distrust, what you do not know will not hurt you, even when you know settle your dispute politely
  7. FOOD; Do not joke with his food, prepare your husband’s food on time, different spices of food, make sure he gets a delicious meal after work
  8. SEX; Do not deny your husband your body no matter the circumstance, if you must it should be for a good reason and you explain to him calmly with a promise to make it up to him
  9. FAMILY; Accommodate your husband’s family, overlook their wrong, love and respect them also treat your family and your husband’s family equally. do not over burden your husband with your family problems, treat both families equally
  10.  CLEANLINESS; Clean you home, make sure the house is tidy, keep your body clean apply good perfumes, dress well to seduce him,make your home  comfortable for your husband……..                                                                                                                                                                                     there are so many factors that makes a good home, apply them, invent activities to spice up your marriage, do not be a boring wife,do not over stretch issues, do things together, play and attend functions, do things that will always keep your husband at home. make sure when his with you there is no dull moment

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