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A word from a child to me

Aunt, i don’t like the way mummy treats me, she would not talk to me when i make mistakes, she only screams at me and punish me, most times she will beat me, i know i can be annoying but i expect mummy to correct me, but no she would rather report me to daddy and everyone around her, she will call me names, tell me hurtful words, i will be reminded of my mistakes for a long period of time, i am compared to other  children of my age, i am called a dull child, a never do well, is it fair, am i not permitted to make mistakes as a  child? am i not supposed to play, what did mummy want from me, she wants me to sit close to her and be quiet, make no mistakes,be a perfect child, is it possible, i cannot confide in mummy to tell her my pain, my fears, my weakness, my habits, my crush. mummy do not know the things that makes me happy and sad, i am so scared when mummy is around because i don’t know how to behave when mummy is around, my action can upset her and the next thing that will happen will cause me pain. But when am far from mummy and home, am free like a bird, i play uncontrollably, i do funny and crazy things mummy cannot imagine

is it fair, the way mummy treats me, when i complain, her excuse is that she wants me to be a better person in the future, to be better than other children of my age, sure she is right but she is doing it the wrong way, mummy becomes to strict and harsh on me, mummy cause me pains without knowing it, she turned me into a liar, i lie when i go against her rules so i don’t get hurt

This goes to all parents, mummy and Daddy inclusive, our children is supposed to be our best friends, our play mate, our gossip mate, yes we want the best for our children no doubt, but we must make them happy, we maltreat our children without knowing it,lets draw close to our children, love them,tolerate them, allow them to make mistakes and correct them. children will always be children change your approach towards their mistakes, make them comfortable around you, take them out, give them a treat,build their confidence, be their strength, be at alert to notice their fears and work on their weakness, when doing this the key word here is love. love your children, pamper them.

Been strict on a child draws your child away from you, they become scared of pouring out their heart to you, they begin to confide in others,some might advice them right while some wrong, they begin to make choices on their own which might be wrong and live a lasting scare in their heart, they might not forgive you for it. so therefore, parents love your children and bring them close to you, always remind them how much you love them. these word i love you might be few but it means a lot to children

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