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You treat me like a queen before we got married, my word was law, my opinion on issues mattered a lot to you, my wishes and desires were granted, you attend to everything that bothered me, you stood against your family for my sake, you fought your friends who speak ill about me, you would never take a step without my approval
Now we are married, what changed, what happened to the man i married, you are now a stranger to me, you don’t listen to any word that comes out of my mouth, i become the last item on your list, i have to wait for to attend to other matters that are of utmost importance to you, i beg for attention, i cry for your love, you hurt me countless times without noticing it, you disrespect me in public and in front of my children without remorse, i complains and my tears sounds like music to your ears.
You cheat on me on i forgive you, yet you asked me if you are the first man to cheat on his wife, you left me at home to hangout with friends and live me to the loneliness of the night when i complain you asked me what did i want you to do for me, you tongue lashed me that i am trying to separate you from your friends,your family disrespects and you accused me of creating enmity between you and your family.
I complained of your Neglegence towards me and am tagged a nag, i don,t want you to associate with anyone, the pain you cause me has created a very big hole in my heart yet you failed to notice, i have become your personal property you acquired for yourself, i lost my right to freedom and love the moment i said i do, i got affection at your will and convince, i live my life at your mercy
Here, you are forgetting something, i married you because i love you, i let go of my dreams and aspirations to be with you, i threw my certificate under the bed just to raise your kids, i became shapeless and unattractive so i could bear you children. i took many risk and sacrificed a lot to be with you. yet i am been deprived of love and affection, i am denied of the luxury of life with the excuse that i am now a mother and a wife, i should stay back at home to take care of the children and prepare meal for my husband while he goes around enjoying his life at its best.
To all men never stop showing love to your wife, she goes through a lot to be with you, she stays quiet to make you happy, though in her pains she choose to take the blame. Never get tired of making her happy she deserves it.
To all the women out there am super proud of you

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