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What have you done?

What did you say?

How do you react when you heard the news?
We stigmatized those in distress rather than encourage them,we don’t know the pain they through each passing day, sure most of them have made mistakes that landed them in their present situation, some its carelessness, while is greed but whatever be the case, do not mock people by their present situation….

most times the word from your lips might be what a depressed person is waiting to hear, your words can kill or heal a man, watch what you say, mind the use of words because it is powerful, make good use of your words, let the words from your mouth the a consolation to others, a let it bring healing to their soul, let your word mend a broken heart, think twice before saying anything even when you joke, you cannot take back your words

How do you behave around someone with challenge, the way you look at him/her, your facial appearance will make them uncomfortable, your attitude towards them will make them know they are not needed around you. taking a clear example of a man with the HIV virus, coming around and each time his close to you, your mood change or you adjust your sitting position you are stigmatizing the man, he knows his not welcomed around you such action can lead him to depression and committing suicide.

Let treat everyone with challenge in love, respect them, encourage them in difficult moments, tolerate their attitude its most influenced by their circumstance, correct their mistakes politely, never get tired of listening to them when they speak,its the best way to relieve their pressure

Above all do not stigmatize anyone no matter the level of their predicament, show love to them, tolerate them, accommodate them,encourage them, allow them participate in activities that will not be harmful to you and to them.


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