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Faithfulness is been true to someone or something, your ability to never default when trusted with something or trusted by someone makes you a faithful person

there are so many ways to proof your faithfulness, i know talking about staying faithful, everyone will be looking at relationship aspect, yes relationship is the first on the list but it does not stop there

Faithfulness should be your personality, a faithful man is a man of integrity, it takes discipline to be faithful, there will be temptations, issues beyond your control will arise

lets take a look at few areas where one needs to be faithful

  1. RELATIONSHIP; You need to stay faithful to your partner,when the going is smooth or rough, we ought to remain faithful, of course i know that been faithful to an unfaithful partner hurts, someone once said i cant be faithful to a man who is unfaithful, is she right?   is it right to be unfaithful because your partner is not faithful? now take a close look at this, do not let someone change you to becoming who you are not, it will be better when it is a positive change. been unfaithful because your partner is unfaithful, what difference does it make, do not forget the popular saying, two wrongs cannot a right, lets take a look at this aspect, the moment you finds out that your partner is unfaithful to you, confront the situation calmly, do not rush into conclusion, know the reason for his/her action, listen carefully to know if it is your fault or not, possibly your actions towards your partner pushed him/her to the arms of another, correct each other with love, work on your weakness together, be determined to make your relationship work, be a best friend to your partner, never get tired of making things right, there is reward for faithfulness
  2. work/business;  it is very important to be faithful and diligent to your work or business, a faithful business man will get recommendation from people who have worked with him thereby getting more business contracts and connections, while an unfaithful business man is after what he gets instantly forgetting that tomorrow is another day, an unfaithful business man you add huge price to his commodity just to get excess profit, he can also supply inferior quality of goods thereby disappointing his business associates, this singular acts, can terminate more business opportunities and connections, a faithful business should be mild in business price, go for superior quality of goods and be sincere in dealing with clients or customers, faithfulness in business is the gate way to prosperity. also faithfulness is also necessary in your place of work, some people take their work seriously when they are about collecting salary, they become serious and punctual in carrying out their duties, forgetting that they are watchful eyes around them,this cause set back, lack of promotion, an unfaithful worker cannot be given a high opportunity or position in his working environment, there is reward in faithfulness
  3. finance;  faithfulness in the aspect of money is very essential, you should be trust worth when it comes to money,so many people cannot give account of how they spend money, some also are not trust worthy in holding money that does not belong to them, faithfulness is a thing of the mind and it takes discipline to be faithful, do not touch the money that is kept under your care without the person’s permission, it kills trust and can lead you to a serious problem, most time when it is time to pay back you might not have the money or the owner of the money might be in need of it unexpectedly, do not use people’s money without their consent its wrong and it kills trust
  4. secrets; it is important to be faithful with secrets, when a person confides in you with their secret keep it to yourself, do not announce it to the world, there are people who says anything and everything they see or hear, it is very wrong, i kills trust people have for you, the moment you appear where there is a conversation everybody keeps quiet because the town crier has appeared,it is good to learn how to control the things we see say more importantly things that does not concerns you directly, a person who cannot control his mouth gets into trouble and have a lot of enemies around, your words makes no meaning in the ears of others, when you open your mouth to speak no one is ready to listen because it is concluded that it is your usual gossip, when there is a conspiracy against you no one will want to tell you, because you cannot keep a secret and no one will want to be dragged in your mess, faithfulness in keeping secrets enables others to keep your secret too, when you cannot keep secret you become an object of mockery to others, words are thrown to you indirectly and everything you say sound as gossip to the ear
  5. faithfulness to one’self; you owe it a duty to be faithful to yourself, you cannot be faithful to others when you are not faithful to yourself, you should be able to correct yourself when you go wrong, do not justify your wrong doings, no one is perfect, open your heart to corrections and learning from others, you can’t tell others the truth without first saying it to yourself, learn from others mistakes and use it to correct and retrace yourself, even in death your faithfulness will be your legacy and the memory everyone will hold unto, you will be remembered for faithfulness or unfaithfulness depending on the choice you make, you attitude will be use as a yard stick to measure the deeds of your family and loved ones, faithfulness should be your lifestyle not what you practice out of pretense or to please others,you should not be compelled to living a faithful life i is for your benefit and the good of those you care about. i pays to be faithful.

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