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Love is a beautiful thing, a wonderful experience, the feeling is special,awesome,unique, fantastic and fulfilling. the moment you are in love, you begin to imagine so many wonderful things which might never happen, you live in an imaginary world, a world of fantasy, an imaginary a life of happy ever after

The feeling of love is wonderful, the moment you think of your partner your heart is filled with so much joy, your stomach rumble in excitement, your face is clouded with smile, one can clearly tell you are in love just by looking at you, i have not seen anything compared to the feeling of love

Now the word love, carries a lot, its content is wide and unimaginable, the moment you are in love, you feel like the luckiest person that has ever exist, but along the line,things begins to sour, it starts from disagreement and gradually generate to misunderstanding, then quarrels, fight and conflicts, don’t get me wrong, these things happens one at a time and if not carefully and properly handled can destroy a once peaceful relationship

The day you fall in love you automatically sign a contract, to support, tolerate, accommodate, endure each others falls and weakness, this act is called sacrifice

Sacrifice is the pillar in which a relationship is built, you cannot be in love and not make sacrifice, this includes, tolerate each others weakness, support each other financially, emotionally, materially and otherwise, most times you go extra miles to please the one you love, sometimes you deprive yourself of certain pleasure to make the love of your life happy

Do you know that most times people who you love are not deserving of your love?

In this case what do you do?

Will you stop loving them or continue?

What do i mean by some people are by deserving of your love, there are people who are never satisfied, it is very difficult to please them, they never appreciate your little effort, they want to be loved but are not ready to give love, these type of people are selfish and self centered, they are quick to anger and judgmental, when you happens to be in love which such kind of a person, will you do?

I don’t know who in particular is in such situation it could be you, yes i mean you reading his post now, am not saying much on this, but here is a word for you, if you find happiness with such a person try every possible means to your relationship work, correct your partner with love, and on a lighter mode, ensure you device every means possible to ensure he/she acknowledge their mistake and change for the better but if reverse is the case i suggest you take a walk, no time is too late for you to be happy.

Do not be confused love is to be enjoyed not endured, the situation surrounding your love story can be endured while working to get desired result, situations like parents refusal to your union,distance due to a genuine  reason, or any situation beyond your control, you endure to get a positive and possible solution

But when it comes to personal character of your partner, such as selfishness and greed, a partner who have no regards to your feelings, an i don’t care partner, a violent and abusive partner, such is not to be endured

Most of us make excuse for our partner, excuses like

”He/ she was not like this before

I pushed him to hard

He cheated because it is not easy to resist temptation

she is been influenced by her friends”

So many excuses, and you will conclude by saying he/ she will change

My question for you

How long will you continue to makes excuse for your partner

Will he/she make the same excuse for you if reverse was the case

Are you happy with yourself

Are you happy with your partner

Are you comfortable with your relationship

Most times we go through pains while in love not because we don’t know what to do about the situation but because we make too many excuse for our partner’s misconduct, in some cases we do not want to talk about it, we envy others from afar

Some will say , if am i complain or share my problems with others they will laugh at me, i will look like a failure, the thing here is that, try to look for the right people and talk to them, make research on how to keep a healthy relationship, listen to others and learn from them, read relationship books and watch love movies, there are so many ways to help[ build your love life

Many have been through various failed relationship and as such blames themselves when things go wrong in a relationship, it might be your fault, and also might not be, you might have met the wrong people, now sit down, think about the whole experience and how it all started, when you started noticing changes, what effort did you put in to try solve the problem, is it the same problems that ended he different relationships, yes people will say, let my past belong to my past, but come to think of it, how can you face the future without revisiting the past, i know it might have been a very sad and and sorrowful experience you don’t want to remember but truthfully,you have to look back to your past and find out where you missed it, your flaws and try to make amends

Most times we see ourselves as the problem, but in reality, two people in love should be able to correct each other,accept blames when we are wrong, admit your mistake and apologize, its a relationship not a competition, do not wait to say sorry when you are at fault, we say sorry for peace to reign, also do not take the one saying sorry for granted, you both should reason together, address any little misunderstanding, do not argue rather look for a way forward to settle your problems

I must say love is a beautiful thing, use love to beautify your life


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