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Am making this post as short as possible and straight to the point,

New beginning is a new start, different from the usual, a complete new idea and an unusual approach from the normal

this is a new year, sit back and take a sober reflection on the previous year, lets start this way;

Did you achieve your previous plans, yes or no, if yes you need to do better this year, if no, ask yourself what happened

Here are some reasons why your previous plans may not have worked out

Improper planning; when planning you first of all write down what you have in mind, how you intend to achieve your plan, giving its a business plan, you check for a suitable environment where your business can sell, check possible competition and how to bring out unique quality of your brand to surpass other rivalries, also establish a friendly environment for customers, therefore a good plan will help enhance your business

Consistency:  in all you do be stable and consistent, yes there will be a good and rough times, even in the worse moment keep pushing till you get a positive result, though like the popular saying, nothing good comes easy, stay focus, do not relent, be optimistic everything will fall into place in due time

Right companion; when mapping out your plan, share your idea with like mind, some who shares in your thought, there is a person right there to teach you strategies and hidden secrets to achieve your aims and objectives

Research; before venturing into anything take out time to make a proper research, ask questions, get referrals, get confirmation from people ahead of you before drawing a conclusion

There are other factors as to why your plans may never work out, which also involve envy, doing a particular thing with the intention of intimidating or impressing a particular people or persons, do things that will profit and establish you, be an inspiration to others not a competition

Greed, also can  destroy ones plan and life entirely, when you are in a hurry to multiply your little effort to yield more profit than the usual can at one moment throw your sweat away in a short period, in  essence be contented with what you have or what you can afford

Now looking at all these which there are many more to be talked about, ask yourself where you have missed it, what you did not do right, go back to your drawing  board and set your records straight, correct your mistake, if it means to start afresh do it, it will only cost time and extra effort

Strive hard this new year to get a new beginning and a fresh start, stay positive, be determined that this year will not end leaving in the same spot last year left you. the world is waiting for you to make a change

Though it comes with lots of challenges, never keep up push till you get to the top

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