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Words are sword, very powerful when it penetrates a heart, it either makes or breaks a man,  wrong choice of words have sent many to early grave. you really do not know what someone is going through at that point in time, when you word strike, it comes as a consolation or a sword that divides the heart into a million pieces

Most people who commit suicide is as a result of hurtful words that came out of the mouth of their loved ones, some words came out of a bitter heart, you are hurt and also wants the other person to feel same pain, little did you know that the person you are talking to has a weak heart and cannot accommodate such word. Also mockery and humiliation has also sent many to their untimely death, do not mock a man with his predicaments, words easily pierce the heart.

In every situation one finds himself, we always need words of consolation and a reassuring voice that will enable us overcome our challenge and fears, words of encouragement saves life while hurtful words destroys  the heart and is capable of killing, so therefore, watch your words, be mindful of thing you say to others for you cannot take back your words

If you are not sure of what to say to a person in the face of difficulty or in anger, its advisable you keep quiet to avoid further damage of one’s heart, choose your words wisely before speaking, think carefully and reflect on the whole scenario before saying anything. words are powerful, a great weapon that can fix a broken heart and kill an already weak heart. let us be mindful of the things we say, be considerate in our decisions, be merciful in  our judgement and be passionate of others and their feelings. use your words wisely for it is a weapon

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