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Faithfulness is the act of staying true to someone or something. Faithfulness is a choice

you do not force a person to be faithful, its a thing of the mind, some of us went as far as spying on our loved ones to know if they are faithful to us or not, we some times put the one we love through pain and agony all in the name of ”i want to taste his faithfulness to me” why taste me, am i soup or stew? this act of tasting the level of faithfulness ends up breaking the heart of others

A person who wants to be faithful will be, its not something you impose on others also there is reward for faithfulness, be reminded that there is reward for faithfulness, true you might be hurting the person you are been unfaithful to, but never forget that you are responsible for your actions

You bear the consequences of your actions alone, if you are faithfulness its for yourself and if you are not same applies you, instead of been unfaithful to be person that trusts you, define your relationship and if you cannot settle your dispute, its best you dissolve the relationship with a clear heart, thereby you can be at peace with yourself

For you to be faithful, you need a lot of patience and tolerance. patience is a virtue maintain it.

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