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On my way to the market this fateful day, i met a guy by name Samson, who stopped me, saying he has been admiring me for a while but lacks the courage to speak to me, since he was scared of embarrassment. We got talking as he walked me to the market to get food stuff for the house. We exchanged numbers

Samson and i started seeing each other, we fell in love and officially starts dating, we dated for a year and got married, my marriage with Samson was the best thing that happened to me, He is a good man, loving and caring, Samson treated me like a baby, he is quick to apologize when there is a misunderstanding between us, he would do anything and everything to put a smile on my face. life with Samson was perfect for five years of marriage, i counted myself the luckiest woman on earth, having a man who worships me, i became the envy of women around the neighborhood, i walk with my head raised high, i walk like a queen for that i am to my husband, i sing his praises every now and then.

As days go by, i begin to notice changes from my beloved husband, he became very busy that we no longer do the things we do together again, he comes home very late and tired, take his bath, eat his meal and off to bed, there is literally no conversation between us, other than to ask how are mine, i begin to feel the distance between us, when i complain he said he tries so hard to put for on the table yet i don’t appreciate his efforts,i became so worried as his recent attitude breaks my heart, it gives me sleepless night, i became curious, i really wanted to know what happened, i asked myself each passing day why the sudden change?

One day Samson was in the bathroom when i decided to go through his stuff, i searched his phone to discover to my greatest surprise that his cheating on me, i also found a condom in his pocket, i copied the number of the lady, called her to warn her to stay away from my husband, she answered me calmly on the phone saying ”sorry ma, Samson said his not married that is why i agreed to to go out with him” these were here exact words, i was speechless for a while, then i replied, now you know he is a married man, stay away from him, my heart as broken into a million pieces, tears rolled down my check, i could not find answers to my question, where have i lost it? what is my offense?

When Samson came out of the bathroom i confronted him, he could not say a word, i cried out my eyes, he stood still without saying a word for a minute, then went on his knees to plead for my forgiveness, which i did but immediately lost the trust i had for me, we went back to the way we used to be when we got married, our love became stronger than it was, at least so i thought, soon i later discovered that i could no longer trust him again, i was constantly going through his phone, i later found out that he has started again, i confronted the lady again to stay away from my husband, but this time around i was given the insult of my life, i confronted him with the issue, he apologized again, we continued but these time around the love i have have begins to depreciate, this act continued repeatedly and he never gets tired of apologizing, i kept forgiving him over and over again

Two years later, things became rough for him, he could afford to feed let alone cheat again, he became humble , and faithful to me i got tired of checking his phone as there is nothing to find again, now the table has turn he could no longer fend for the family, we struggle to feed, things has become tight, feeding and paying rent becomes difficult, he had to do odd jobs for us to feed, he is now back to his old self, caring an loving, so humble, though most times pours out his frustration on my kids and i

Now the table has turn,i no longer feel the love i have for him, i am now the one cheating and i feel no remorse, i sleep with men to fend for myself and kids, i cut of form of support i render to him, i allow him to struggle alone, i collect money from men and also collect the little he has and still feel no remorse, i have become a runs woman yet still married to my husband, my recent lifestyle has been going on for years and yet he has no idea, i am not ready to leave him yet am not ready to stop, i am no longer interested in love but the money


I want us to appreciate those who love us and those we love, from my story both couples were in love but they have allowed selfishness to come between them, now love has gone sour, my advice is to everyone out them revenge is not the best solution, rather love and forgiveness will do the magic

I know getting hurt by the person you love hurts so badly, the pain takes a while to heal,that is why i am using this medium to encourage us all, never get tired of forgiving our loved ones, love unconditionally even when the person is not worthy of your love, cry out your pain when you are hurt, talk about the issue that makes you feel pain so to address it peacefully.

Let me say something, the day you open your heart to love, that same day you open your heart to pain and tears, in all these to maintain your relationship and have a  less complicated life, love genuinely and forgive with the whole of your heart.

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