While i was getting settled, i registered for antenatal, there i got the biggest shock of my life, after running so many test on me, the result came out, i was informed that i am HIV positive, my heart broke into a million pieces, i felt helpless and hopeless, i saw my world crumbling before my eyes, i stood still with tears rolling down my eyes hoping someone would wake me from this nightmare, the thought of committing suicide over clouded my heart, Vitus was invited to the hospital and the same test was conducted on him, lol and behold he was HIV negative, i cried out loud, my end is here. thousands of thought running through my mind, the only voice i could was my mind telling me, i am finished.
On getting home, i received the biggest surprise of my life, Vitus consoled me, vowed never to live me, promised to be with me all the way through, he was ready to contact the virus from as he made love to me without protection. what a love, can you bit that.
months later, i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, no family member came around to celebrate the arrival of my baby, its just Vitus, i and our baby, in our own little world. Two years later i lost my baby. after the lose of my daughter i lost two children, all in total of three children. years gone bye Vitus and i reconciled with our parents and family, we asked for their forgiveness. Vitus and i finally got married legally, we presently have three children, two boys and a girl. Vitus and my children have been confirmed negative of the virus, while i have been placed on antiviral drugs, though the challenges of life, my family and i are very happy, moving on and facing what life brings to us.
Now over to you,how have you supported those in dying need, what can you offer those who are going through crisis and rough times, what word of encouragement have you said to them or do you watch from a distance and mock them, do you stigmatize them, have you been laughing at them. its time to show love to one another, give support to the depressed, stand by one another in difficult moment. you that is strong be a pillar to the weak, lend them a shoulder to lean on when they are in pains, do not watch from far and mock them, support the weak at heart.
For those going through a rough time, be strong, when you feel all hope is lost, dust yourself, dry your tears, stand up, pick up the pieces of your life and move on, learn from Vitus and Jessica, say to yourself i am strong, fight till you overcome, strife till you succeed, never accept defeat, keep trying you will surely overcome, keep looking at the bright side of life some day that difficult face of your life will surely pass away and above all stay positive

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