I Was so scared of my dad knowing how strict and harsh he is, my dad has an intimidating presence. i had no choice but to break the news to Vitus, he was excited about be a father but was confused and scared, he lives with his parents and siblings, he was ready to take responsibility for the baby and i but he has no house of his own
The fear of what my dad will do to me made me run away from home, Vitus lodged me in a hotel for days. the following week Vitus has no money to pay the hotel bill. we became stranded, Vitus took me to leave with his cousin Obinna.
Obinna is a young man struggling to survive yet accommodated me, Vitus and i stayed with Obinna for two weeks after which he asked us to live his house that he needed his privacy, unknown to us, Obinna had reported Vitus and i to the family. Vitus did not tell his family about me and in return they did not ask to confirm Obinna’s story. we left Obinna’s house and started sleeping Vitus car, we would wake up very early in the morning to take our bath before everyone else. on his way to work he will drop me at my friend’s place,where she works as a sales girl in a wine shop, i will stay with her from morning up till her closing hour. Vitus would pick me up at her place, take me to a restaurant to eat and back to the car to sleep
this continued for a while, i became frustrated and uncomfortable due to my condition, i could not sleep at night due to lack of space in the car, my body became food for mosquito.
Months later, Vitus took me to a friend’s house named Sunday, a young boy living with his siblings in a room, the room was too small to contain us, Sunday took me to his neighbor, Rahila a young lady living with her sister, they took me in, gave me an empty room to stay, for the first time since i left home i felt comfortable as i was welcomed and loved in the house by everyone, Vitus is permitted to come see me at night but was not allowed to sleep in the house.
To months later, Rahila asked me to live her house that i have over stayed my welcome, she explained to me that she wants to make use of her room, i left the house and back to car.
Vitus was able to save up little money, he rented a two room apartment, that was how my journey as a family began. Vitus and i started living together without the approval of our parents, we lived in an empty room for months before acquiring properties bit by bit, we also started saving up for the arrival of our baby.

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