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Integrity in one word is a principle that cannot be compromised no matter the circumstance, a person of integrity will remain his/herself in any condition they find themselves

Integrity is a priceless commodity, it is sold that the shop of conscience…. what do  i mean by this, a person of conscience can  practice integrity. integrity is not something that can be purchased from the supermarket or be constructed by a carpenter, integrity  lives inside of you

We need integrity in our day to day life, in our business place, office, church, anywhere you find yourself, make sure you are known as a person of integrity, set a standard for yourself that cannot be compromised no matter the circumstance you find yourself, be a person of truth and always stand for the truth

A person of integrity will still be his/herself even when the world is not watching, a person of integrity will maintain his stand in the face of challenge even when the only way out is compromise, the word compromise does not exist to a man of integrity

Let me gives us a short story, a woman by name peace just got married, full of excitement as she and her husband heads for after reception, they were involved in a ghastly motor accident, the peace was fortunate to have sustained  minor bruises while her husband had a spinal cord injury which requires urgent medical attention.

Peace was treated and discharged from the hospital, but faced with the challenge of raising the money for her husband’s treatment, she ran to her family and in-laws for assistance to able her raise money for treatment, but everyone has one excuse or the other,she gathered the little money realized from the wedding and sold few properties she could lay her hands on, yet was unable to raise the actual deposit needed for his surgery, she sought for help from everyone, yet no help was forth coming

Suddenly her husband’s best friend was ready to help but with a condition, wow  a very difficult task, that he sleeps with her before giving her the money, peace was faced between the devil and the deep blue sea, should she give her body for money or seat back to watch her husband die

Peace confided in her husband’s elder sister who encouraged her to go ahead and do the needful to save her husband, peace was determined to save her husband without defiling her marital vows, for her cheating on her husband is not her option, to cut the long story short peace had to source for loan through the help of a friend to save her husband and when he was recovered and told what his wife went through to keep him alive he worked hard and ensured he cleared the debt his wife owed to save his life

Such level of integrity, you can see from my story that peace had the choice to compromise but it was not an option for her, some of us wants an easy way out of our problem, we go for quick solution, no one wants to make sacrifice for another, no one is willing to help, these act has made people desperate to the point most people are ready to do anything not minding denting their image

Some of us will say, integrity will not solve their problem, but it can save you among your pears, integrity will pave way for you in difficult moment, integrity can place you in a position you do not deserve, integrity is like a shadow it follows you and gives reflection to your life

A man is not measured by his possession but by the level of his integrity, what will people say about behind you and before, a man without integrity is opened to disgrace and insult, anyone can say anything to you both directly and indirectly

Integrity should also be applied to the words that comes out from our mouth, when you speak it should be a word of wisdom, do  not open your mouth to speak without thinking, when speaking to someone, first of all be a good listener, listen to the other person carefully before saying a word so you don’t get misinterpreted, everyone wants to listen to a man of integrity, when he speaks, he gains audience even from people his not directly speaking to, but when a man without integrity speaks his words sounds like poison to the ears of people around, no one wants to listen to him, even when his words are words of wisdom his been taken for granted, his words are concluded for before he speaks, his words are never taken seriously

Integrity should also be applied when it comes to money, when spending money, spend wisely, use it to impact positively to the lives of others and not intimidate them, also when entrusted with money that is not yours do not touch it without the owners consent, it kills trust, no one will want to trust you with their properties and in the case of a greater opportunity those close to you might ruin it with their testimony of how unfaithful you are with money, when it comes to money you cannot be trusted

Integrity should also be applied when interacting with people around, and also children, do not discriminate when dealing with people, treat everyone equal, also children kept under your care should be treated same way as your children, it speaks well of you

Integrity should also be applied in your judgement, when you are in a position to judge a case, be fair in your judgement, do not favor one over another because of familiarity what you stand to gain, judge wisely and fairly, as a man of integrity your judgment should not be influenced by who or what is involved, judge wisely because everyone is entitled to get justice for their right

From our discussion so far i believe we can now see that we need integrity in our every day life, integrity should be a life style, we should develop a life of integrity, speak with integrity, work with integrity, judge with integrity. integrity should be a guide to making a decision or choice. integrity is life

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