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This is the problem of most ladies, we want a perfect life, we admire what we see outside forgetting that there is always a life inside, some of us what be  like others without knowing what that person is going through.

The moment we see a polished lady with a flamboyant life style, we wants to measure up and when we cannot meet up with here standard, thousands of questions begins to run through our minds…….

Why its mine different?

What is wrong with me?

Who did i offend?

When will my life get better?

How long will i continue like this?

We begin to look for solutions, not minding who is affected by our decision, we begin to care less about our loved ones all in depression to have what others have, in worse cases we do things we are not proud of,

In quest to becoming like other we forget that there is a unique aspect about us that others wish for, yes we are humans are wants a better life, while at it we should not forget the fact that

  1. We are unique, which makes us special
  2. We can build ourselves to be better than what we admired
  3. We should never give room to desperation in our lives
  4. we must be contented with the little we can afford
  5. Never see yourself as a failure, someday your light will shine
  6. Never relent in your struggle, be patient and diligent for it will pave way for you someday
  7.  The time spent on  envying or admiring others success put it to good use, invest your time on yourself and your endeavors its profitable


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