What is discrimination?

The word discrimination simply means avoiding someone or something based on a particular challenge

Who are the disabled?

they are people living with a particular challenge, it could either be a sickness or disease or something beyond the ordinary

Why do we discriminate people living with disability?

A person living with disability is not less of a  human, those with disability are just unfortunate to be a victim of circumstance, some of them are burn with it, some out of carelessness, some mistakes, some accident, some out of desperation and pressure.

People living with disability, have been stigmatized and abused, why stigmatize them? when you can actually encourage them, love them, respect them, teach them how to manage their disabilities

The society we live in have made us see, those with disabilities as a threat to our lives and loved ones, everyone avoids the disabled like a plague, the sight of them scares everyone away, when they are close to us, our body language and the expression on our face makes them uncomfortable, most times indirect words that comes sends a message to them, making them know that they are not needed around us

The world, denies them certain rights and privileges, because of their disabilities, organisations and institutions denies them job opportunities even they are capable to perform their duties effectively, people around them denies them the right to love and be loved

Now i ask

Is it fair on their part?

Disability is it a crime?


  1. Love them unconditionally
  2. Communicate with them often
  3. learn the things that can make them stay healthy
  4. Teach them how to manage their disabilities
  5. Educate others how to live with people with disabilities
  6. Do not stigmatize them
  7. Do not compare them to others that are healthy
  8. Overlook their mistakes and when there is a need for correction, correct them with politely with love
  9. Do not deny them any privilege that they are capable of handling
    1. Never get tired of encouraging them                                           Do you know that people living with disabilities can be depressed?                                                                                                people with disabilities wish to be like others, healthy and in good condition, they crave for love, they wish to have a normal life like others, of course people with disabilities can be annoying most times, they can be difficult , but we should try our best to accommodate and tolerate them, despite all love them. The moment a depressed person begins to lack the love of people around them, depression sets ……                                                                Let me give you a short story of Kemi, a blind beautiful lady, who went for a singing competition, on getting to the event center, Kemi was denied entrance to the hall, reasons was because she is blind, the event coordinator told her that the competition is for people who can see with her eyes not the blind, he went further to describing a blind people’s home where she can get help, the blind get swept like a baby, while other stood there watching the her cry no one intervened to save the situation, on getting home Kemi narrated the incident to her family, they failed the see the pain and agony she was going through, all they did was blame her for going there, they also scolded the neighbor that took her to the event center, she was so devastated, she cried in pains for days, blaming herself for been blind, she called herself a failure, a burden to her family and the world at large.                                                     The moment everyone was away, Kemi went to the kitchen, reached out for a knife and committed suicide…… Everyone begin to ask why did Kemi take her own life, her family cried out in pains, asking themselves, was she lacking anything, have they ever complained of her predicament, they felt they have given her, so she had no reason for her act                                                                                                                      Of a truth her family must have tried their best, but neglected the things that mattered most to her, the fact that she needed her family to share in her pain, she needed someone who could stand up for her, a shoulder to lean on in her difficult moment, the family was concerned about the material support they could easily give her forgetting the moral and emotional support which cannot be bought, it takes a caring and loving heart to know when a person is in desperate need of such support
    2.   Who killed Kemi?                                                                The society killed her, they humiliated her, their was no one to stand up and depend her,they deprived her opportunity to associate with others        Her family killed her, they are can see yet blind to her pains and sorrow, they neglected her, they could not see her depression, no one felt her pain….              Discriminating the disabled is a huge injustice, we torture them emotionally without knowing it, they get depressed and in most cases die in pain and agony, we deny certain rights and opportunity, we constantly remind them of their condition with our actions and words                                                                Let change our attitude and mentality about people with disabilities, the time used in discriminating can be put to good use to show them love and make them happy, we should learn to share in their sad and happy moments together, we should never get tired of making every minute with them a memorable one. more so we should pay close attention to their emotions, watch what you do and say to them,              People living with disabilities should not be avoided, we should not deny them access to us, we should learn to live a healthy life with them, we should never shut them up, be patient to listen to what ever they have to stay, we should not judge them rather point out their mistakes to them politely, we must learn to tolerate their bad behavior and mood swing                                                                      The moment you begin to discriminate, you are gradually killing them……                                                   SAY NO TO DISCRIMINATION, SAY NO TO INJUSTICE  TO THE DISABLED

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