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The word desperation, simply means a quest to acquire something by any means possible, regardless getting it through the right of wrong way

Most people wish to acquire money, properties, position, promotion, some have become desperate and can do anything to get want they want, some of them don’t mind taking another of the way just to have their position

For instance a worker in an establishment who is desperate can kill his/her superior just to sit on their position, some can even frame up who ever standing on their way, also a man who is desperate in acquiring one’s property like land or other valuables can do anything and everything just to get what he wants, some men are desperate in having another man’s wife, while some women are also desperate in having another woman’s husband such can of people can do anything they can also use diabolical means to get want they want


A  desperate man admire what belongs to another, the moment he sees anything precious to you that catches his attention, he wishes to have have it, the moment he asks for such valuable from you and you deprived him of it he becomes angry, he can go as far as starting away from you for days , weeks, months or years just to proof to you his angry, keeping  his distant from you does not take his eyes away from that which is precious to you  he monitors you from a distant so to know when to strike, the moment you get a little careless, he strikes

A person who is happy at the down fall of others is desperate, he is always happy when their his a bad news about someone, he do not want anyone to be better than him, such kind of person can do anything to keep the people around him where he wants

A person who is never contented with what he has can be desperate, he does not appreciate the little he has, he keeps comparing what others have to himself, he can go to any length to acquire what others have, such a person do not mind taking others down just to be at the top

A person who sees the success of others as a threat to him is desperate, he do not rejoice with others when they are succeeding, he finds faults in your achievement, always want to make excuse for every of your effort, he criticize the works of others to make him look like the best

A person who never lend a helping hand to others is desperate, when you need his help he keeps posting you till you gets tired of asking, he never runs out of excuse why he cannot help you out


MONEY; Everyone wants to make money by all means, no matter what it will cost them, some wants to be like others, some wants to solve their financial problems, others wants to acquire whatever money can buy, others wants a good life, sometimes despite their efforts money seems not to be coming their way, they lost their patience, they become desperate and are ready to do anything just to have money

FAILED RELATIONSHIP; Most people who have failed relationship, some have been through an abusive relationship, some an unfaithful partner,or any rough relationship, the moment they see a stable relationship they begin to admire the opposite sex, forgetting that there are factors that builds up a relationship and for a relationship to be enjoyed it takes the collective effort of both parties involved, then desperation sets in, a desperate woman will want to seduce the man, while a desperate man will want to get the woman with money

PROPERTIES; Properties like land, house good business and many more can lead someone to desperation,a person who’s effort has not been yielding much result gets desperate to have what others have, he don’t mind ruining another just to acquire his property

QUEST TO BE LIKE OTHERS; When one is not contented with what he has  he becomes desperate, he wants to be like others, have what they have and do want they do such person can go extra miles to achieve his selfish desires


These signs are always there for you to observe, there is no better way to manage a desperate man, the best way is to run far away from him, running away simply means, do not share your secrets with them, do not expose your means of success to them, never do anything in common with them, the moment you discover a person is desperate, keep your distance, cut any form of closeness and friendship fro such a person to avoid getting hurt


Rejoice with others when they are succeeding

Be contented with the little you have, where you are is not the end of the road for you

Do not envy or admire what you do not have or cannot afford

Stay away people from people who makes you feel inferior and less of yourself

sympathize with others on their downfall, so when its your turn people will be there for you

Never get tired of helping others, you may some day need their help

live life freely as take every situation you see as part of your success story always say to yourself the best is yet to come, what you say is what you get

makes sure to maintain a positive mindset, think positive, act positive and the sky will be your starting point

make sure you are never idle, idleness is the father of all evil thought, the moment you are idle evil thought creeps in, ensure you are doing something meaningful even when it is not yielding result at the moment, be consistent, they relent, your hard work will pay off someday.

desperation is not an option, it will not produce a positive result, it only makes your life full of complications and deprives you of peace and happiness

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