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It is said that women are weaker vessels, the world call her weak, yet she is strong enough to fight the challenges of life, she is weak yet overcome ad conquer battles that a man cannot, she is weak yet manage her work and family perfectly.

Men call her weak, yet runs to her for assistance in difficult moment, a man entrust his life, family and children to her the moment she becomes his wife and you call her weak, she is the bone of your bone, the flesh of your flesh, how comes she is the weak one

The community and society call her weak, yet relies on her to fix issues, when things goes wrong and she becomes  the first to rise in the face of insecurities and uncertainties ….



No, she is the strongest being ever in existence, she is strong enough to overcome challenge, pains, fears and worries, one cannot tell when her strength fail her, she puts up a smile even in the face of difficulty

A woman is tagged weak because she loves with the whole of her heart, her love is selfless, unconditional and unimaginable, when a woman is in love she do crazy things to express her love which is seen as weakness


No, the love of a woman cannot be be described, it has no comparison, she is ready to die for the one she loves, she is willing to give her best to the one she cares for, she gives her best to the one she values. A woman’s love is seen as weakness because she place others above herself, she is driven by her emotions.  A woman in love reasons with her head not he heart.


A woman is tagged weak because she is quick to tears when been hurt by loved ones, she is the only one who stays with you when the world rejects you, a woman cries with you when  she has no help to render, she is never short of encouraging words to cheer you up. when a woman says i will be stand by you, she meant every word of it, she is solidly behind you like a rock.


A woman is a priceless jewel, she is the pillar of a home, a backbone of her man, a woman is a doctor to her children, a support to her husband, a  teacher to the people around, she renders services to those in need of it and to those who are not in need of it, a woman is the ladder that lifts a man up. yet her efforts are not appreciated.

The moment a man provides for a woman she becomes a liability, he complains of every  little mistakes she made, he compare her to other women, he compel her to do his beading even against her wish, he sets rules and regulations that she must abide to,  she must be conscious of the things she says to him. his word become law, his decisions are unquestionable. he draws conclusions to issues without proper understanding of the circumstance, she is to remain quiet when he speaks, she is forced to obey every of his commandments even when they are not favorable  her

On the other hand, when a woman fends for a man, she do it with the whole of her heart in love, she tries to tolerate his unbearable attitudes, she makes up excuses for him saying his acting out of  frustration and depression, she most times blames herself for his mistakes, she never gets tired of encouraging him, she hopes for the best, she made sure never to live his side. Even when she is sad or worried she will not complain, she remains strong for him, she becomes too caring and over protective of him so he doesn’t hurt himself, she is ready to take insult and humiliation from friends and family just to be with him, she will speak to everyone and anyone on his behave, this is the depth of a woman’s love

In all these she is called weak, her efforts and supports are been thrown back to her face, her love is labelled foolishness, her kind heart is taken for granted, her tolerance is mistaken for stupidity

When she reacts in anger, she is tagged evil, when she fails, she is called unfortunate, when she screams or complains, she is a nag, when she seeks for help, she is tamed, shameless woman who cannot keep her problem to herself, when she does unpleasant things to support her loved ones, she is called a prostitute, when she dies in silence they complained that she should have spoken out and seek for help. who would have helped her without judging her, who will support her without mocking her

In her pains, she looks out for for others and made sure things are done appropriately, in tears she considers the feelings of others before hers. she would rather take the pain and blame than watch her loved one suffer, she will go hungry till everyone is satisfied, she will go naked to make sure her loved one is clothed in the finest rope, what can she not do for love? nothing, she is ready and willing to her best for the ones she call her own

Yet the world call her weak, because is loves with the whole of her, because she  cannot react in a haste when in pain, she considers the feelings of others when she is hurt

A woman is weak when in love, she is the strongest support anyone one can get in  difficult moments, her strength is invested in bringing out the best out of the worse situation, do not take a woman for granted when she is quiet, for she is weak to react when she is in love not because she has no strength to fight back.

Every woman deserves the best for she gives out too much when in love, nothing is too much to give a woman, she goes through a lot, the world must celebrate a woman

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    Thank you for this write up, it’s encouraging and inspiring, much love

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