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Does a man have any moral justification for cheating on his wife?

No, a man has no reason for cheating on his wife, for a man’s wife is supposed to be his wife. A man is to love his wife unconditionally, tolerate her weakness and help her overcome it

Their is no perfect woman, also no perfect man, a man and a woman will have to build each other to help maintain a peaceful marriage. The both parties are from different backgrounds and are entitled to their opinion, they  both see things from  different point of view which is a major factor for conflict in marriage.


  1. A man wants his wife to always look good and attractive just like the first time they met, while a woman focus on building the home and important matters that will help establish her husband and marriage that she forget about her looks
  2. A man will love to hangout with his friends at night and during the weekend leaving his wife to take care of the home forgetting that his wife needs his attention and presence
  3. Most men do not know how to compliment their wife, when she cooks and dress, women love praise and compliment
  4. Most men lacks communication spirit, they don’t how to call their wife to know how she is fairing, they also do not know how to address issues when their is an argument and misunderstanding, you speak to your wife not scold her
  5. Most men transfer aggression to their wife when angry and due to pressure from  work without considering her feelings

Yet these same men cheats on their wife with the excuse that his wife has become a nag, because she complains of your attitude. Situations he cannot address and tolerate at home, he takes the blame for it from a side chick  to maintain his relationship with her. Some will tell you that his wife, has become so open that he don’t enjoy love making with her, forgetting  she became that way when giving you a child, most women loses their life during child birth, the others go through severe pains just to bare you a child and the reward she get for her sacrifice is to replace her without another outside your home.

My message to men, love and respect your wife, she is your life, the mother to your children, she sacrifices her dreams and happiness to be with you, make your wife  become what you want in a woman, spend your time and money with her she deserves the best, she forgets all about herself to make you happy, satisfied and fulfilled, do not abuse her love for you even in anger or pressure.

When you say to her ” i love you” mean it, show it, proof it. love endures, love sacrifices, love tolerate. love is life. love her with your life, do not compare her to others, encourage her, appreciate her effort and correct her mistakes with love which is the best gift to a woman

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