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The word desperation, simply means a quest to acquire something by any means possible, regardless getting it through the right of wrong way Most people wish to acquire money, properties, position, promotion, some have become desperate and can do anything to get want they want, some of them don’t mind taking another of the way […]

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What is discrimination? The word discrimination simply means avoiding someone or something based on a particular challenge Who are the disabled? they are people living with a particular challenge, it could either be a sickness or disease or something beyond the ordinary Why do we discriminate people living with disability? A person living with disability […]

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On my way to the market this fateful day, i met a guy by name Samson, who stopped me, saying he has been admiring me for a while but lacks the courage to speak to me, since he was scared of embarrassment. We got talking as he walked me to the market to get food […]

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It is said that women are weaker vessels, the world call her weak, yet she is strong enough to fight the challenges of life, she is weak yet overcome ad conquer battles that a man cannot, she is weak yet manage her work and family perfectly. Men call her weak, yet runs to her for […]

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I am an author & A blogger who loves the nature and Gist, Motivational and Inspirational Quotes.

I am a woman with a large heart, big enough to accommodate everyone, she’s ready to listen to your problems, difficult issues, challenges and weakness, help proffer solution with your permission and willingness we can move mountains.

Jennifer is a friend indeed, who lends a shoulder to lean on, and wipe your tears, when going gets rough, always ready to stand by you when everyone fails you….. 

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